Metal Print.  Horses in the Mist

Metal Print. Horses in the Mist

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Horses in the Mist. 

Available only as 10in x 20in 

The images are stunningly wow and the colors "pop." Metal prints endure the test of time and are printed on aluminium that has a coating applied with state of the art coating machines. They are extremely lightweight and weather and moisture proof, but over time, like a normal photograph, will fade. Metal prints can be used as an outdoor ornamental tablet that can be fixed to a surface to commemorate a person or an event. Metal prints can be hang on the wall from an attached metal floater that allows them to hang half an inch from the wall creating a 3D effect in certain lights.      

Available in most sizes. Prices differ on sizing from the smallest size 5in x 7in (NZ$100), 12in x 8in (NZ$120), the most popular sizes 10in x 20in (NZ$220), 10in x 14in (NZ$190.00), to the larger sizes and Triptychs, 3 way splits of (12in x 18in NZ$650 and 16in x 24in NZ$800). 

Triptychs are images split in 3, 16in x 24in or 3 x 12in x 18in  and will cover an area as large or as small as you want.