About Elaine Grant-Dolby

At heart, I love to create, always coming up with ideas for what I can do next. I have been a professional photographer for many years but needed a change. Recently I became involved in the making of jewellery from re-cycled rubber. Making use of re-cycled material was a huge plus for me. My materials come from a box in a forgotten corner of a bike shop. I collect the cast-out tubes, tubes that are down and out and thought to be of no use. I give them a scrub up and a new life, in the form of exquisite earrings. They simply soared when I first introduced them and the name "Feathers by Design" was born.

My inspiration comes from the birds in the forest and in my garden. The coded numbers of the feathers come from these birds. Stunning colours are a delight to work with, and new designs, which feed my desire to create, are constantly being thought of.  Designs do not necessarily pertain to birds and these areshown in the Boho Collection and the Cross and Arrow range.

  • When I take a break, my husband and I enjoy going away in our motor-home, often to remote bush settings where he can enjoy the quiet and work on his novels and I can listen out for birds to photograph and draw inspiration from. 

  • Above: Memories. A treasured image and a wee nod to my photography. I took this photo of my mother-in-law's hands holding my mother's walking stick.